The Acrylic Forest

acrylic laser cut abstract figures and appropriated video, 2020

The Acrylic Forest is about the relationship between the prehistoric and the futuristic. The images in the book were taken from old videos of growing foliage, and forests filled with plants and living matter that has existed for thousands of years before humans ever appeared.
Layered on top is the figures of a new plant, a futuristic take on a world we might eventually live in due to the use of industrial manufacturing and chemicals. The new flower is a florescent blue morph of what once existed, a new normal within
our natural ecosystem.

Elemental Reality

series of 4 digital photos, 8x11 in, 2018

Elemental Reality stems off of the concept of western astrology and how it relates in a physical form. Earth, Water, Air, and Fire are the elements explored  using digital manipulation and layering of different images to create  a subjective landscape.

Auras of Misplaced Objects

series of 8 digital photos, 8x11 in, 2018

Vintage objects are passed through multiple different hands throughout the time of its creation. Each persons own experience with the object creates an energy of its own time capsule, and therefore taking on the psychology of the owners themselves, creating an "aura".

Secrets of the Sea

appropriated video, 2017
A poem and video mashup inspired by tarot cards and the secret meanings behind different aquatic animal’s lives.

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