Collaborative installation for Spectra Art Space immersive “Novo Ita: Festial of the Spirit”

fabric, gemstones, and scrylic paint, various sizes 2x3 ft, 2022


The Acrylic Forest

acrylic laser cut abstract figures and appropriated video, 2020

The Acrylic Forest is about the relationship between the prehistoric and the futuristic. The images in the video were taken from old videos of growing foliage, and forests filled with plants and living matter that has existed for thousands of years before humans ever appeared.
The acrylic pieces are the figures of a new plant, a futuristic take on the world. 


Bones, Rot & the Growth In Between

mixed media & video, 5x4x2 ft., 2020
Bones, Rot & the Growth In Between is a sculptural exploration that uses inorganic elements to exhibit the process of decay and rebirth in a simulated forest ecosystem. 
Depictions of plastic mushrooms, bugs, and other plant matter represent the liminal process of our own life cycle. The organisms work to break down decaying matter into nutrients used to grow new parts of the forest. As the forest grows, humans connect through the oxygen that is being produced, further integrating the cycle of life within ourselves and nature. This sculpture only exists within the time it is created, just as living beings only exist in a time capsule of their own mortality.


Baba Yaga

fabric installation, 2x5 ft, 2018

The story of Baba Yaga comes from an old Slavic folklore. As tale tells, she is a grandmother who lives in a house with chicken feet and a rooster head for a roof. As passerby’s are lured into her hut to seek her all-knowing-knowledge and wisdom, they are presented with tasks. Depending on the completion of her tasks they are either granted help and can walk away in peace or they are cooked and eaten.
This installation is packed inside of a suitcase, symbolizing the way that folklores can move across many different cultures for centuries. Suitcases move around the places we bring them and are included during the entirety of our travel experience.
The illustrations packed inside of the suitcase are interpretations of Baba Yaga’s tale in large scale, and the Slavic rune symbols made from sticks further the culture where this story was originated.
Baba Yaga inspires the viewer to think about the traveling of different stories and how they change over time with our experiences.  


Auras of Misplaced Objects

series of 8 digital photos, 8x11 in, 2018

Vintage objects are passed through multiple different hands throughout the time of its creation. Each persons own experience with the object creates an energy of its own time capsule, and therefore taking on the psychology of the owners themselves, creating an "aura".